Safety and Travel Insurance

Please make sure to have your travel insurance covering your whole stay in the Philippines. RCE Cebu nor UNU-IAS will NOT take any responsibilities for accidents or emergency matters including a loss of personal belongings that may occur during the meeting.


As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Routine vaccines such as: MMR, Flu, and Hepatitis A/B.
  • If you plan to have a food trip, please have Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccine.
  • Philippines is a tropical country so is prone to mosquito-borne diseases. Although Dengue is more prevalent than Encephalitis and Malaria, consult your doctor if you need those vaccines.
  •  We don’t have the medical expertise to recommend nor prohibit the use of Dengue vaccine.


Cebu City is generally free from rebel insurgency, however, it’s better to stay safe.
Please check your countries’ foreign department for travel advisory.

Check travel advisory when the date is near:


The weather is generally either dry or wet but always humid. Prepare rain gear, and also sun protection. Wear loose, and comfortable clothing. Bring headgear (hat or cap) and eyewear (shades). More details here.